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Leading a healthy life in Iglulik

Recreation staff with the Hamlet of Igloolik put together a health expo recently. The event attracted close to 100 people. Among the issues promoted were physical activity, oral health, men's and women's weekly meeting groups, suicide prevention, provided insight into the effects of alcohol, offered skills for new parents, ways to prevent and alleviate back pain, how to get quality sleep and there was an "Ask a nurse" booth.

From left, Arther Makkik, and Iglulik health representatives Louisa Kipsigak and Lucy Saqpinak were on hand to inform those at the health expo about the dangers of smoking. Kipsigak had people running around the community hall four times and then got them to stand, plug their nose and breathe through a straw so they can get a sense of how it is to cope with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, commonly caused by smoking.
photos courtesy of Jose Quezada/Hamlet of Igloolik

Miss Iglulik Angela Amarualik styles Kunnuk Attagutsiak's hair during the community's health expo in February. Katrina Kipsigak looks on at left. Close to 100 people attended the event.

Members of Iglulik's recreation team were instrumental in making the event a success. Front row, from left, Roland Amarualik, Simon Angutiqjuaq, James Evaluajuk and Jody Tiglik. In the middle are Miss Iglulik Angela Amarualik and Nadine Kripanik. Back row, from left, Melvin Taqqaugaq, Jonathan Qulitalik, Paul Satuqsi, Ace Immaroitok, Arther Makkik, Faith Arnatsiaq, Tanner Nutarariaq and Elmo Kopak.

Health expo participants prove their hula hoop prowess at an exercise station.