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Liquor restrictions officially lifted in Kugluktuk

When it comes to purchasing alcohol, Kugluktuk is now an unrestricted community, the Government of Nunavut is advising.

Kugluktuk is now officially an unrestricted community when it comes to buying alcohol.
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Residents can purchase liquor within the territory by ordering from the Nunavut Liquor Commission warehouse in Rankin Inlet without an import permit. However, an import permit is required to bring in alcohol from outside Nunavut. Those permits can be obtained through the Kugluktuk hamlet office, according to the GN.

A plebiscite held in Kugluktuk on Oct. 22 resulted in a 60.8 per cent majority voting to eliminate restrictions on alcohol, which was previously overseen by an Alcohol Education Committee. That committee has now been dissolved and the legislative and administrative changes are in effect.

A 60 per cent majority was needed for the change to take place.

Voter turnout during the plebiscite was 67.7 per cent, according to Elections Nunavut.