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Meet Iglulik's cleanup crew

Iglulik has much less litter blowing around thanks, in part, to the efforts of the young people seen here with Mayor Celestino Uyarak, front left, and senior administrative officer Greg Morash, front right.

The youths have been reporting for duty at the Hamlet office at 5 p.m. each weekday. By the end of June, they had collected 25 truckloads of garbage – on their way to their goal of 100 truckloads. Second row, from left, Dale Irqittuq, Devon Evaloarjuk, Steven John Arnatsiaq, Thomas Angutautok Junior, and Jonah Kalliraq, Back row, from left, Philip Kopak, Jamal Nutarariaq, Marcus Evaluarjuk, Mathew Iyyiraq, Eric Auksaq, Titus Amaroalik, Wally Kanatsiak, Kigutikarjuk Ulayuk and Kobe Iyyiraq. Also participating in the cleanup, but not pictured, are Francois Arnatsiaq, Kirk Kunnuk, Basil Ipkangnak, Scott Ipkangnak and Alvin Taqqaugaq.

photo courtesy of the Hamlet of Igloolik