We will begin preparations for the celebration of Christmas in a matter of days. For me, this is a milestone as this is what opened the venue of communicating with readers across Nunavut and beyond through this newspaper, and I want to remind us of what Christmas is all about. In November 2009 it all began.

Nunavut News columnist Harry Maksagak

It seems that commercialism has blinded us all to the true meaning of the birth of Christ. We think that lighting up the house and our properties with hundreds of lights justifies this celebration.

This season of Christmas is the absolute lesson in giving.

For most of us, we really don’t have an issue in giving of our time, listening to those who are expressing their concerns, wishes, and wanting to know that they are okay even if they don’t feel okay.

Some of us are willing to lend or help financially or even to open our homes temporarily while things get sorted out in their relationships.

We all seem to feel and think that in the past we went through some of these issues and someone was willing to listen or help when we asked for the extra assistance.

We are very social beings and a sense of belonging is always in the forefront of our existence.

I believe we all have a sense of giving and helping, and so this Christmas let’s go the extra mile and make sure that the elders are cared for and included in all the celebrations. Let’s make sure the little ones are clothed and fed and are participating in festivities. Our teens are in a precarious age grouping but need to feel the connection with all age groups in this celebration.

Husbands look hard for that special gift. Wives ensure he feels and knows the affection you have for him. Children, show your respect and love for mom and dad. That’s what Christmas is all about. It’s the giving of oneself for the happiness of others.

The nativity still holds gratitude and amazement of the greatest gift given to man.

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