The price of diesel and jet fuel is going up across Nunavut, the minister of Community and Government services announced Tuesday. 

Lorne Kusugak, minister of Community and Government Services

In Iqaluit, all diesel products and jet fuel will go up 15 cents per litre, effective Nov. 1, Lorne Kusugak said in the legislative assembly.

Outside of Iqaluit, communities will pay 10 cents more per litre for jet fuel while diesel will cost an additional five cents per litre. Gasoline, avgas and Naphtha prices will not change, however.

Kusugak stated that the price of oil has climbed to its highest level globally since 2014. He cited geopolitical factors for this such as US sanctions on Iran, continuing conflicts in the Middle East have caused oil prices to rise internationally and supply disruptions in Venezuela.

The minister said the GN “remains committed to supporting families and communities in being economically viable and resilient in the face of an ever-increasing cost of living. Since 2014, Nunavut has enjoyed some of the lowest and most stable fuel prices in Canada.”

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