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Mom gives birth to ‘awesome’ and ‘amazing’ triplets

Cambridge Bay’s population grew by three on Feb. 10.

Roseanne Kaiyogana, seen here with her daughter Chasity, is now the mother of identical triplet boys. Chester Jr., Chase and Mackail were born earlier this month in Edmonton. The parents could use a little help with essentials for the unexpectedly large addition to the family. A photo of the tykes wasn’t yet available, Kaiyogana said. photo courtesy of Roseanne Kaiyogana

The tiny new citizens arrived at 9:27 p.m., 9:28 p.m. And 9:29 p.m.

But because Chester Jr., Chase and Mackail Arqviq were born seven weeks early, they remain at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton.

“We’re taking it day by day,” said mom Roseanne Kaiyogana, adding that it could be a couple of months before the boys are able to fly home. “All I can say is we’ve made of this far and we are on the road to recovery.”

Kaiyogana only found out she was carrying triplets in October, during an ultrasound.

“We saw two babies then we moved over and found the third baby,” she recalled. “I thought (the ultrasound technician) was playing a joke on me.

“It was shocking to my home town where I was born and raised, too. The news of me having triplets was amazing. I got a lot of congrats and I was told I am blessed.”

She knows it’s something special.

“I’m blessed to have triplets who will keep us busy. It’s rare – once in a million,” she said. “I never imagined having this many children in my life; never imagined even having triplets in my life.”

Father Chester Arqviq has twins in his extended family and he was hopeful he would have a matching pair as well, but he got one more than he bargained for.

“Awesome,” Kaiyogana said of their luck.

It’s too soon to tell her identical triplets apart based on their looks. They’re just too similar. But they’re already developing some distinct personality traits, said Kaiyogana.

“Chester Jr. and Chase both love their soothers. Chase loves to hear soft voices,” she said.

Waiting to meet their new siblings are Natalie, Trentin, Jenny, Keatin and Chasity, ranging in age from 17 to two.

Chasity, no longer the youngest, “is so curious” about the triplets, according to Kaiyogana.

“She knew I was having more than two babies. She’d ask about her baby brothers when they were in my tummy,” said the mom of eight kids.

Also eager to meet their new grandchildren are grandparents Mike Kaiyogana and Mona Kaosoni of Cambridge Bay and David Porter and Lena Arqviq of Gjoa Haven.

Kaiyogana has plenty of support from her family. Her mom, Mona, joined her in Edmonton to help look after the triplets.

“I admire her a lot,” she said of her mother.

With so many youngsters to look after, she admitted that some donations from the community would be welcome as well. Diapers, formula and baby wipes for the triplets would be helpful, Kaiyogana acknowledged.