Arctic Fresh captured Startup Canada’s National Social Enterprise Award during a ceremony held in Toronto on Oct. 23.

The Iglulik-based online retailer prevailed in the social enterprise category when Startup Canada’s regional level awards were handed out in May.

Iglulik’s Rhoda Angutimarik and Merlyn Recinos of Arctic Fresh celebrate their Startup Canada National Social Enterprise Award Award in Toronto in October. photo courtesy of Startup Canada

Arctic Fresh, which has a warehouse in Ottawa, ships food and dry goods from the south.

Iglulik’s Rhoda Angutimarik is the company’s CEO. She and husband Merlyn Recinos got the business off the ground in January 2017 and have since expanded to serve 13 communities.

Startup Canada, an organization that supports and promotes entrepreneurs, organizes the awards to recognize outstanding achievement, increase awareness of entrepreneurship and to foster further ambition among the nation’s homegrown business owners.

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