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Moving Forward Together winds down

After five years of creating and supporting a variety of programming, Moving Forward Together (MFT) is approaching its last month of operation due to expiring funding.

Moving Forward Together's girls' land trip saw this group go out caribou hunting in July. Pictured are June Stirrett, Winona Niptanatiak, Alice (Hitkoak) Ayalik, Cassidy Atatahak, Faith Kokak, Martha Ayaligak, Jack Ayaligak, Sophie Kokak, Alison Etoktok, Delila Havioyak and Alice Anablak. The Moving Forward Together program comes to an end in March after five years. photo courtesy of Stephanie Fummerton/Moving Forward Together

The Hamlet of Kugluktuk launched the initiative with financial backing from Public Safety Canada in Ottawa.

Some of the existing programs under MFT have already been transferred to other organizations. For example, the teen boys' and girls' groups, which focus on social, emotional, cultural and practical skills, will carry on through the Government of Nunavut, said Stephanie Fummerton, MFT program counsellor.

The healthy relationship course offered at Kugluktuk High School will proceed with mental health outreach workers overseeing it, she added.

There were many other MFT events and activities over the past half-decade, including carving programs, kakivak-making, on-the-land trips and film-making courses.

"Unfortunately those programs take a lot of money... MFT was such as well-funded program," Fummerton said.

However, another proposal is being submitted to the GN's Quality of Life Secretariat targeting programs for different demographics, such as young fathers, pre-natal classes for men and crisis shelter projects, Fummerton said.