One of Nattiq Frolics’ biggest supporters isn’t there to celebrate the spring carnival this week but she hasn’t been forgotten.

An animated Lucy Ann Maniyogena gets up on her toes. Peter Taptuna, her brother-in-law, describes her as “part comedian, singer and dancer all put together in one.” photo courtesy of Miranda Atatahak

Lucy Ann Maniyogena died on April 14 after another incidence of cancer. She was a perennial fixture during the spring festivities and brought cheer to a variety of gatherings throughout the year.

“She always participated in any kind of community event. She’s part comedian, singer and dancer all put together in one,” said Peter Taptuna, Maniyogena’s brother-in-law. “Her intentions all the time were to make people laugh, and she’s done that very well over the years.”

As a homage to Maniyogena, the Hamlet of Kugluktuk’s float is dedicated to her, adorned with her name and many images of her in today’s parade. Close friend Millie Kuliktana conceived of the tribute during Maniyogena’s final days, said Nadene McMenemy, a Nattiq Frolics organizer.

Maniyogena gave the idea her blessing with tears in her eyes shortly before she died, McMenemy said.

The late Lucy Ann Maniyogena is seen in a photo with Miranda Atatahak. “Lucy was everything the Frolics is,” said Nattiq Frolics organizer Nadene McMenemy. photo courtesy of Miranda Atatahak

“Lucy was everything the Frolics is,” she said. “She was actually Mrs. Coppermine… and her truck, she would put it in the Frolics parade and decorate it all up. Her truck was viewed by everyone.”

Maniyogena, who spent almost 40 years working for the Kugluktuk Housing Association, was a “very liked and loved person in the community… very well thought of,” McMenemy added.

A moment of silence in Maniyogena’s memory was held during the Frolics’ opening ceremony on Monday.

“She’s good-hearted and good-natured and that’s what’s going to be missed about her,” said Taptuna.

Lucy Ann Maniyogena’s decorated pickup truck was often seen around town during celebrations. She was known to get into the spirit of community events throughout the year. photo courtesy of Kendra Bolt

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