Members of the 3055 Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps (RCACC) Naujaat marksmanship team are on pins and needles as they wait to hear if they’ve qualified for the upcoming regional competition in Gimli, Man., this coming month.

Capt. Lloyd Francis said the Naujaat cadets shot their targets on Feb. 17, which were then mailed out on Feb. 20 to be scored in Winnipeg.

Cadet Chief Warrant Officer Terance Mapsalak fires from the standing position as members of the 3055 RCACC marksmanship team try to qualify for the upcoming regional competition in Naujaat on Feb. 17. photo courtesy Lloyd Francis

He said the scoring of the targets was scheduled to have been completed by March 2 and everyone is expecting to hear the final results this week.

We’re competing against the other cadets in the Eastern Arctic (Nunavut) to qualify for the next step, which is the regional marksmanship competition in Gimli this coming month,” said Francis.

The qualifying attempt was one highlight of a busy month for the 3055 RCACC, which also saw the cadets get an unexpected fund raising opportunity.

Francis said members of the local co-op store approached the Naujaat corps and asked if the cadets would like to assist with a special dinner on Valentine’s Day.

He said when the cadets accepted the invitation, a number of them became servers at the event.

The kids picked it up right away and absolutely loved it,” he said. “It was something they all enjoyed doing for the 20 people who attended the prime rib dinner. So nine of our cadets helped serve at Inns North and, afterward, the co-op donated a portion of the proceeds back to our program.”

The 3055 RCACC will be, once again, attempting to hold its official 20th anniversary celebration tonight in Naujaat.

The event had to be postponed twice due to the frigid temperatures and blizzard conditions that gripped the community for most of February.

Francis said the weather looks good for this evening and, hopefully, the third time will prove to be the charm for the celebration.

He said the corps also received its most recent shipment of new t-shirts this past month and new sweaters were also ordered which he planned to pick up while in Winnipeg this past weekend.

We had the same t-shirts before, but we placed another another order out of Iqaluit so everyone in our cadet corps can have a new t-shirt for when they do physical training, or for when we go on events where they’re wearing civilian clothes,” said Francis.

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