A group of 20 cadets participated in the 3055 RCACC’s final expedition of the year on the land near Naujaat this past week.

The cadets participated in orienteering, skiing and a lot of sledding during their day out.

Cadets Kasandra Katokra, from left, Veronica Angutetuar, Jeannie Katokra, Laimikki Malliki (guide) and Kendra Kringayark enjoy a moment together during a trip on the land in Naujaat on May 12.
photo courtesy Lloyd Francis

Capt. Lloyd Francis said the Hamlet of Naujaat allowed the cadets to use the elder’s cabin while they were out on the land.

He said it was nice to have a building available throughout the expedition.

The cadets learned how to properly set-up tents, and we also played some games together while we were out there,” said Francis. “Overall, it was a really fun time for everyone out on the land.”

Francis said the corps is supposed to conduct two or three expeditions a year, but, unfortunately, Mother Nature played a role in preventing that this year.

He said the fall expedition was cancelled numerous times due to inclement weather.

Canadian Ranger John Kadjuk came out with us on this trip for support, and it was nice to have him along,” said Francis. “We had planned to build an iglu or two while we were out there, as well, but, unfortunately, the snow was just too soft for us to do that. This is one of the more popular activities among the kids because it’s fun to go out on the land by qamutiik, or by hiking, and they like all the activities we participate in while we’re out there.”

Overall, they just love being out on the land.”

This will be the last expedition for Francis and his beloved 3055 RCACC, as he leaves for the south immediately following the school year in about two weeks.

He said it was a lot of fun out there with the kids, especially having the elder’s cabin to warm-up in and do some extra activities.

I did some sledding out there and got a really nice video of me sliding down a hill while holding the corps flag,” said Francis.

“It was a lot of fun to do that, especially during my last expedition here. It was quite a contrast for some of us – nine of the kids went to Winnipeg for their Silver Star training the week before – because we went from being out on the land in Winnipeg at 20 C and then out on the land in Naujaat a week later at -20 C – a 40 degree swing is quite significant – and it was neat to be a part of that.”

It was also really nice, for my final expedition here, to see the cadets running all the activities,” he said. “We, as adults, oversaw everything, but a lot of the stuff out there was led by the older cadets.”

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