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New chess club seeks members

Robby Qammaniq is trying to launch a chess club in Gjoa Haven. He's found some eager fellow players in Derek Donald and Assol Kubeisinova, but they're looking for more people of all ages to come to the community centre for lessons and matches every Sunday afternoon.

"Chess can teach people about strategy," Qammaniq said. "You have to make decisions on how to move and consider its consequences. If you have a good strategy, you can succeed in the game or in life."

Qammaniq began playing chess at age 12, having learned the rules from some uncles and cousins.

Donald was also introduced to the game as a child, but it was his grandfather doing the teaching.

"Chess is a great way to exercise the mind. It teaches people to always be thinking ahead, not just on the next move in life," said Donald.

Qammaniq said the chess club will give residents another option for something to do.

"If you can help provide some services for a community in any way, it can be helpful for the people," he said, adding that a chess tournament could be in the offing later this year if enough players step forward.