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New Department of Human Resources at 57 per cent capacity; 55 per cent Inuit employees

The GN's new Department of Human Resources has filled 64 of 112 jobs, or 57 per cent.

Thirty-five Inuit employees have been hired so far, equating to 55 per cent.

Human Resources Minister Lorne Kusugak: deputy and assistant deputy ministers receiving training to identify harassment and discriminating behaviours. photo courtesy of the Government of Nunavut

The department also has 16 Sivuliqtiksat internship positions to support internships throughout the GN.

Filling senior management positions remains a priority, according to Lorne Kusugak, minister of the department. Most of the vacant senior management positions are in the job offer and appeals stage, he added.

The department's priorities include building capacity in all divisions and increasing the number of Inuit employees as well as finalizing a Government of Nunavut-wide master Inuit employment plan and leading its implementation, according to Kusugak. Inuit employees have comprised close to 50 per cent of all GN workers for years, falling short of the 85 per cent representative goal identified in the Nunavut Land Claim Agreement.

On Wednesday, Gjoa Haven MLA Tony Akoak raised concerns about ongoing "bullying" of staff within the GN.

Kusugak said Thursday that the Department of Human Resources held "Respect at Work" training for all deputy ministers and assistant deputy ministers during the first week of April, to aid them in "understanding harassing and discriminating behaviours and to create a respectful and healthier workplace." More of that type of training is planned for the future, according to Kusugak.

The minister added that his new department will use the Tunnganarniq IQ principle of fostering good spirits by being open, welcoming and inclusive.