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Nine confirmed cases of Covid at Hope Bay, four more suspected

Further testing of samples from staff at the Hope Bay mine has confirmed nine cases of the Covid-19 virus, the Government of Nunavut announced on Monday.

There are four more presumptive cases at the site. Confirmation testing is still pending.

There at 12 people remaining in isolation at Hope Bay, according to the GN.

All non-critical travel to and from the mine has been suspended.

“Critical staff contacts who are required to continue working for the safety of the other workers, are doing so until they can be replaced,” a government news release stated. “Those staff are following strict measures to keep isolated from those around them, including wearing masks. Workers who develop symptoms will be required to isolate immediately.”

No Nunavummiut workers have been at the mine site since April as a precautionary measure to prevent spread of the virus to communities.