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No indication of environmental damage from Rankin Inlet propylene glycol leak, investigation finds

A contractor who investigated a fall 2019 propylene glycol and water leak of 30,000-40,000 litres in Rankin Inlet has determined that no cleanup of the site is required, according to Qulliq Energy Corporation (QEC).

The area in red indicates where Qulliq Energy Corporation had a contractor take samples over the summer for an investigation into a propylene glycol leak in Rankin Inlet.
image courtesy of Qulliq Energy Corporation

The remaining propylene glycol was below laboratory detection limits in soil, groundwater and surface water
where sampling took place, QEC stated in a Friday news release. The investigation was delayed until summer 2020 due to frozen ground conditions.

The liquids leaked from a section of pipeline connected to the Kivalliq Health Centre that forms part of QEC’s district heating system.

The power corporation describes propylene glycol as “relatively non-toxic to humans and wildlife, and is used in district heating because of its ability to transfer heat.”

Qulliq Energy stated that it has provided the results of the investigation to appropriate authorities for review.

QEC has yet to determine whether the pipeline in question will be repaired or permanently decommissioned.