Seven North Baffin communities have developed a new not-for-profit Inuit organization that will spawn a separate economic development arm.

Qikiqtaaluk Uangnangani Katujjiqatigiit is a recently-formed not-for-profit North Baffin Inuit organization that will create a business arm to deal with Baffinland Iron Mines, according to a news release.
image courtesy of Qikiqtaaluk Uangnangani Katujjiqatigiit

Qikiqtaaluk Uangnangani Katujjiqatigiit, representing approximately 7,500 Inuit beneficiaries, was a work in progress for years, according to Neeko Inuarak, the group’s executive director, who issued a news release on Thursday.

The business arm of the organization “will help to ensure that economic opportunities arising from the Baffinland iron mine, and other regional resource development such as mining, fisheries, and aviation are benefitting the seven communities and their beneficiaries,” the news release states.

Pond Inlet, Iglulik, Sanirajak, Arctic Bay, Clyde River, Resolute Bay and Grise Fiord are the communities listed as part of the new group.

“We are very happy and proud to announce to our members that an organization that reflects their needs has been created to represent them,” Inuarak said. “We look forward to supporting the needs of our members. This will greatly help families and the communities in pursuing economic independence
as Inuit beneficiaries in Nunavut.”

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