Land claims organization Nunavut Tunngavik Incorporated announced Monday $2.5 million in funding to assist Inuit living outside of Nunavut who are trying to meet shelter and food security needs during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Nunavut Tunngavik Incorporated is striving to aid the most vulnerable Nunavut Inuit living outside the territory, says NTI President Aluki Kotierk.
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“Coronavirus is hardest on those people with weakened immune systems. We want to support the most vulnerable Nunavut Inuit, living outside of Nunavut, to help meet their most basic needs,” Aluki Kotierk, president of NTI, stated in a news release.

Shelters in urban centres will split $1 million to help them “adapt to health protocols, support physical distancing and purchase personal protective equipment for staff or clients,” the news release indicated.

Another $1 million will go toward food to be delivered by urban organizations serving Nunavut Inuit, as well as to purchase personal protective equipment for staff.

The overall funding will also include money for the harvesting of country food in Nunavut that will be shipped and distributed to organizations for Nunavut Inuit in Ottawa, Winnipeg, Yellowknife, Edmonton and Montreal.

“Country food is nutritionally high quality food and is often the preferred food for Inuit. Given the stress of coronavirus, Inuit outside of the Nunavut Settlement Area have also shared with us that country food is important for mental health,” said James Eetoolook, vice-president of NTI.

There are approximately 5,014 Inuit residing outside of Nunavut, according to NTI’s enrollment list.

The money is coming from the federal Indigenous Community Support Fund, from which NTI received $22.5 million in March.

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  1. What about inuit in the maritime provinces? How come we dont get country food where it’s most hardest to get it here?

  2. How do we apply??? All this article says is, NTI is willing to assist Inuit living outside Nunavut, but doesnt give which office to apply from. Time to make phone calls all week.

  3. The out the land program that KIA was doing should have been available to all beneficiaries regardless of where you live. It is to promote social distancing. I had called about it and was told only if you reside in the Region.

  4. Kind of a thing that is much appreciated , too bad we can’t just go home . One day !

  5. How do we apply? Anything I apply for I do not get. Just get told to check with where I live now. There isn’t any help for Inuit in Alberta. I would like to apply.

  6. This kind of makes me feeling sorry for those who decide to leave the north and crave for what we have in the north.

    1. We have Reason’s to Leave Home Uncle David, My Reason for Leaving was Low Vacancy Rate in Housing ….Inadaquit Housing with Astronomical Rental Fees .Cost of Food is Another Story .

  7. So, what if you don’t live in one of those major centres?! You’re just SOL? WHO made these decisions? WHY are monies being given to centres and not directly to Inuit? This BLOWS MY MIND!!!

  8. Can I apply to this? I have 6 children living at home, one being new, I live in PEI and theres nothing for an Inuk like me here for any Inuit (tradition’s)

    1. I wanted to know if the NTI are giving out money outside of Nunavut I am living in Winnipeg Manitoba

  9. I tryed to apply back home to rankin day melt I even called KIA I wasn’t eligible they even through I’m from rankin inlet but I love Calgary an is been very hard especially when we craving Inuit food how do I get funding

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