Long-time filmmaker Ivor Barr is seeking Inuit to share their traditional and cultural knowledge for his upcoming documentary series, “Sacred Secrets of the North.”

Casting for an upcoming documentary project “Sacred Secrets of the North” is scheduled to take place next month, says filmmaker Ivor Barr. Pixabay photo

It is a “unique” project, said Barr, the CEO of IDNR-TV.

The aim of the documentary is to better understand, discover and learn the values and traditions of Inuit and First Nations, he explained.

He plans to use legends and customs to paint a picture of living, surviving, hunting and healing in the “roughness and isolation of the North.”

Barr also hopes the project will break down existing barriers and combat prejudices faced by First Nations. “So many (people) are making judgments on the First Nations with no interest to know and learn from them,” said the filmmaker, who produced “The Golden People of Baker Lake” in 2012.

Currently, IDNR-TV is searching for any Inuit in Nunavut to participate in the project by sharing their stories. Casting is scheduled to take place in October and filmmaking will be completed by the end of the year. Compensation for participants will be discussed with the director. Anyone interested in participating in the project can contact Barr at info@idnrtv.com.

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