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Nunavut Arctic College drops first year of teachers program, reduces class sizes of other offerings

Nunavut Arctic College won’t offer the first year of the Nunavut Teachers Education Program this year as one of multiple measures to address Covid-19.

Class sizes for many programs will be limited at Nunavut Arctic College for 2020-21 due to Covid-19 precautions.
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Some other programs will have scaled back enrollment to ensure physical distancing.

“Due to a variety of operational considerations, including the number of students and communities offering the Nunavut Teacher Education Program (NTEP), the restructuring of the first-year program to centre on Inuktut and Inuit culture, and the supports required for a second cohort of fourth-year students, the college can confirm there will be no first year intake for the NTEP program in 2020-21,” a news release from Nunavut Arctic College stated on Tuesday. “NTEP courses will be offered as scheduled for second, third and fourth year students.”

The college has adopted a four-stage system to respond to Covid-19. At stage one, or “green,” which is where Nunavut currently stands, the majority of programs will proceed for 2020-21. However, class sizes have been reduced for numerous courses. The Fur Production Design and the Jewellery and Metalwork programs will be among those running only for first or second-year students.

Other stages are designated as “yellow,” representing an escalated risk of Covid-19 transmission in a region; “orange,” meaning there’s an isolated/recovery from Covid-19 in a community; and “red,” which signifies community transmission of Covid-19.

“Our collective experience in the spring 2020 lockdown has provided us with important insight and a depth of understanding of needs, opportunities, and supports available,” said Patterk Netser, minister responsible for Nunavut Arctic College. “The opening plan facilitates and supports ongoing learning opportunities, while taking into account our new reality and ensuring the health and safety of our students, faculty and staff.”

The plan includes guidelines for research activities in Nunavut during the pandemic.

The full NAC opening plan can be found at: