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Nunavut Association of Municipalities wants RCMP, GN to crack down on flow of alcohol

The Nunavut Association of Municipalities (NAM) is urging the Government of Nunavut and the RCMP to take steps to limit the heavy flow of alcohol in the territory.

“We need to take a stand today, not tomorrow,” NAM president and Iqaluit Mayor Kenny Bell says in regards to bootlegging and large “hard liquor” orders.
photo courtesy of Kenny Bell

The territory’s mayors called upon the GN to develop regulations that restrict large quantities of alcohol delivered to communities and for the RCMP to “improve their focus” on preventing bootlegging in Nunavut.

“The misuse of alcohol takes a huge toll on all of our communities and we, the mayors of Nunavut, are asking the Government of Nunavut to immediately limit the large quantity hard liquor import permits to help reduce the burden on our current and future generations and that the RCMP take bootlegging as a very serious threat to our territory’s safety,” said Kenny Bell, mayor of Iqaluit and president of NAM, following a June 26 NAM board meeting. “We need to take a stand today, not tomorrow!”

Neither the GN nor the RCMP responded to requests for comment prior to publication deadline.