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Nunavut declares public health emergency; bars to close; restaurants takeout only; limitations on taxis

Nunavut Health Minister George Hickes officially declared a public health emergency on Wednesday due to COVID-19.

The coronavirus COVID-19 has led Nunavut’s health minister to declare a state of emergency.
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As of Friday, all bars in the territory will be forced to close. Restaurants will only be able to serve meals for takeout and lineups of customers must not exceed 10 people. Also, taxis will be restricted to one pickup per fare.

Food banks and soup kitchens can remain open for five days to lessen impacts to food security. Takeout containers will be provided so prepared meals can be brought home.

“While there are no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Nunavut, declaring a public health
emergency allows to be coordinated with efforts across the territories and Canada, and
take the measures necessary to keep us prepared for the virus,” Hickes stated. “If
we don’t take this measure now before we see cases in Nunavut, it may be too late as
time goes on… We need to everyone to work together, and practice social distancing to reduce the spread. It is critical that we do this to protect one another. Stay home as much as possible. Wash your hands often. Let’s flatten the curve in Nunavut, and be patient and
kind, and take care of each other.”