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Nunavut delegation examines renewable energy options in Alaska

Cambridge Bay economic development officer Angela Gerbrandt will be among 10 Nunavut delegates from across the territory heading to Kotzebue, Alaska, from April 23-May 4 to learn about renewable energy options.

A delegation from Nunavut is in Alaska until May 4 to learn about renewable energy options that are proven to work in cold Northern climates.
Pixabay photo

"All across the Arctic we know that bringing in fuel is ridiculously expensive, fraught with all kinds of safety issues and if you miss the barge you're in trouble. It's endlessly problematic," Gerbrandt said of the appeal of renewable energy sources as an alternative.

Wind power, biomass and solar power, proven to work in cold Northern climates, will be on display.

"It cuts down on all the trials and tribulations of getting to a workable system by seeing something that's already in operation. I'm really thrilled to be doing this," she said.

The American government is paying for the trip in hopes of forming future business partnerships related to environmentally-friendly energy, Gerbrandt noted.