Quttiktuq was a crowded field with nine candidates, but one stood out among the rest: David Akeeagok.

The senior GN bureaucrat far outpaced his competitors, racking up 189 votes compared to only 78 for Mishak Allurut, his closest opponent, and 45 for incumbent Isaac Shooyook. Akeeagok said he was grateful to have received plenty of votes in all three communities: Arctic Bay, Grise Fiord and Resolute.
“I’m almost speechless (due) to the amount of support I’ve been given,” he said. “It’s a clear signal that all the people that voted for me here want to work together and have good representation.”
The high cost of transportation for his constituents is the foremost issue that Akeeagok plans to tackle.
That would be followed by health issues and elders’ care, he added.
Although Akeeagok acknowledged that his government experience was a factor in persuading voters, he wouldn’t tip his hand in regards to whether he’d accept a cabinet seat or a term as premier.
“I can’t say whether that’s on the radar yet,” he said. “I worked hard to get this election and until official notice is given, that’s going to be my commitment right now.”

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