The coronavirus COVID-19 has been diagnosed in every province and territory in Canada, except Nunavut. Pixabay photo

Nunavut remains the only part of Canada to not yet report a positive case of the virus.

Yukon reported its first positive cases of COVID-19 as of Sunday night, according to the territory’s Chief Medical Officer of Health website.

There were two positive cases in the Yukon. A total of 418 tests for coronavirus have been conducted there, with 244 negative results and 172 results pending.

The territory’s chief medical officer of health, Brendan Hanley, and Premier Sandy Silver are due to speak at a press conference on Sunday evening.

The NWT confirmed its first positive case of COVID-19 on Saturday morning.


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  1. We thank God!!
    Thanks to our leaders for the tremendous work they put together in order to protect us!

    Nunavut can keep this 0-case permanently!!

    My suggestion is to send, let say a 3-day, notifications to its residents who are still out of territory to come back and ask them to keep the 14-day quarantine. And then COMPLETELY CLOSE the airports which are the only entries to each community, for some time (the appropriate lockdown period). We should not wait until a case is identified before doing that.

    This is the SCENARIO I suggest:
    The residents (Nunavummiut) can pay a lump sum amount for a minimum food depending on their needs.

    And they will be supplied food via cargo and/or online purchases like KSS, Arctic Fresh, Northern shopper, etc.

    While under the complete lockdown, the residents should be trained on the appropriate way to process the packages they receive and how to clean the food and goods they receive from elsewhere.

    The distribution of the food can be done door to door by some volunteers and military officials to avoid the lineup and to keep the social distance.

    This is just my one cent to help keeping Nunavut 0-case of the coronavirus position by the grace of God.

    Thanks/ qujanamiik/ merci!

    #StaySafe #CareAboutOthers #ShareLove

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