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On a path to become a nurse in Arviat, Jane Pameolik gets kudos from education minister

Jane Pameolik FRONT
As an Inuktitut-speaker, Jane Pameolik is planning to earn her nursing degree and then provide health services to residents in her community of Arviat. photo courtesy of Jane Pameolik

Jane Pameolik's hard work on her studies has earned her four scholarships and some complimentary words from Nunavut's education minister, David Joanasie.

Pameolik, who is enrolled in the pre-health program at Nunavut Arctic College's Nunatta Campus in Iqaluit, has $10,000 in financial backing through the CIBC Future Heroes Bursary Scholarship, Indsipire’s Building Brighter Futures Scholarship, a 2020 Atuqtuarvik Corporation Nunavut Sivuniksavut Alumni Scholarship and a Nunavut Tunngavik Incorporated Scholarship Bursary.

She is planning to move on to the bachelor of science in Arctic nursing program and aspires to become a neonatal nurse in her home community.

"I chose to go into nursing because of very minimal Inuit nurses in Arviat," Pameolik told Nunavut News. "Seeing patients and being able to understand them fully is very important to me, as I am bilingual and many Inuit in my hometown speak the Inuktitut language."

In the legislative assembly on March 4, Joanasie said, “I am proud to state that Jane decided to attend Nunavut Arctic College because of her wish to support her community’s health centre. We applaud all students who turn their commitment to their community into an educational pursuit.”