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Pang fishing derby a success

The community of Pangnirtung came out in force for its fishing derby May 4.

The Pangnirtung Fishing and Sculpin Derby held May 4, and organized by the Hunters and Trappers Organization, saw folks fishing near town for sculpin, seen here, and further out, at Ammituq Lake, for char.
photo courtesy Pangnirtung Inuit Co-operative Limited

It was a double derby – with sculpin fishing in Pang from Kijjiniq to Nuvuattiaq and char fishing at Ammituq Lake outside the hamlet.

The derby in town was for people without snowmobiles, said Corey Alivaktuk.

"It went well," said Alivaktuk, who along with Patrick Kilabuk, measured the char out at Ammituq Lake.

The derby ran from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Alivaktuk says there were about 120 fish measured on the nice, sunny, calm day.

The top three winners for the adult category are: Abraham Keenainak, with a 63.9 cm char, won $7,000; Joanne Kilabuk, with a 60.4 cm char, won $5,000; and Eena Angmarlik, with a 58 cm char, won $3,000. In the children's category, the winners are: Jayden Mosesie, with a 59 cm char, won $700; Janae Keenainak, with a 53.9 cm char, won $500; and Jenna Nowyuk, with a 53.5 cm char, won a bicycle.