A 2003 visit to Pond Inlet yielded photographs that are now being exhibited in Grenoble, France at the Mairie de Seyssins. The show is called Neighborhoods of the World.

Jane Nashook, left, Jessica Komangapik, and Rita Kautainnukare are featured in this 2003 photograph by Italian-French photographer Andrea Fortunato. Fortunato’s photos, taken during a trip to Pond Inlet, are part of an exhibit called Neighborhoods of the World in Grenoble, France.   photo courtesy Andrea Fortunato

Between 2000 and 2005, Italian-French photographer and world traveller Andrea Fortunato lived in Ottawa. In 2003, he visited Pond Inlet photographing people and landscapes.

Most recently, he took to Facebook and on Christmas Day he received notification that he was accepted to the Pond Inlet News page, where he shared his photos with the community. Community members identified children in the photos for him.

“People in Grenoble are quite responsive and curious and ask many questions,” said Fortunato via Facebook Messenger.

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