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Photos: women's aim is on target in Pangnirtung

Thirty women entered a marksmanship competition in Pangnirtung on Jan. 4 and Malaya Pitsiulak proved to be the sharpest shooter with 24 points.

Jessica Sowdluapik and Sandra Nakashuk tied for second with 20 points apiece.

Semoona Arnaqaq captured fourth place.

Organizers Rita David and Maryann Mike are hoping to hold a similar event again next year and they plan to fundraise for larger prizes during 2020.

Malaya Pitsiulak rose to the top of the field of 30 shooters to claim first prize in Pangnirtung's women's marksmanship competition on Jan. 4. She was rewarded with $350 in prize money.
Photos courtesy of Rita David
With Pangnirtung's mountains serving as a backdrop, fourth-place finisher Semoona Arnaqaq lines up her target from the prone position. 
From left, Pangnirtung women's marksmanship competition participants Veronica Kuniliusie, Rita David, Janice Alivaktuk, Maryann Mike, Mary Kuniliusie and Lorna Nauyuk. 
Igah Ishulutak was one of 30 competitors in a women's marksmanship contest in Pangnirtung on Jan. 4. Participants were allowed to bring their rifle of choice, no matter the calibre.
Sheila Nowdlak locks in on the target, which is approximately 100 yards, or close to 90 metres, away from her during a women's marksmanship competition in Pangnirtung on Jan. 4. 
Deanna Ishulutak takes aim during a women's marksmanship competition in Pangnirtung on Jan. 4.