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No reports of injuries after plane lands in Cambridge Bay with failed engine

There are no reports of injuries after engine failure forced an aircraft to land in Cambridge Bay Wednesday night, the Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) tells Nunavut News.

Gerrit Verneer, a TSB spokesperson based in Edmonton, said the board is still in the preliminary stages of its investigation. It’s unclear at this time whether the plane was carrying cargo or passengers, said Verneer.

An engine on the Beechcraft B-200 aircraft failed in flight, triggering what Verneer called a “routine emergency.”

“Crews are trained for this, they have procedures for this,” he added.

Verneer said the TSB is in the process of reaching out to the airline in question, which he believes is based in Kuwait.

Verneer said the TSB will likely conduct what is called a stage-five investigation into the incident.

“We’ll gather information and we’ll have the company fill out a report from the TSB website and we will record the info for statistical purposes,” he said.

Investigators won’t be sent to Cambridge Bay, added Verneer.

A request for comment from the airline in question wasn’t immediately received by Nunavut News.

Updates to follow.