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Polar bear dippers spot a whale in Resolute

Approximately 35 daring residents waded into the chilly Arctic Ocean water during a polar bear dip on Aug. 4.

The first 30 people to get wet received a towel with “Resolute Polar Dip 2019” embossed on it. The Hamlet of Resolute sponsored the event and had the towels made for the occasion.

Community members in Resolute brave the cold water to take a polar dip on Aug. 4.
photo courtesy of Mathew Nungaq

After spending a few minutes – or seconds – in the water, participants were welcomed to gather around a bonfire on the shore that afternoon, which was around 7 C.

“It was done as a fun day for the community,” said Kimberley Young, Resolute's senior administrative officer.

Those who got involved were watched by a marine observer: a beluga whale swam nearby, about 30 metres from shore.

“Everybody walked down that way to go see it,” said Young. “It was pretty cool, actually.”

Residents of Resolute gather around a bonfire to dry off and warm up after participating in a polar dip on Aug. 4. photo courtesy of Kimberley Young
The first 30 participants in Resolute's polar dip on Aug. 4 each received a towel as a keepsake. photo courtesy of Kimberley Young