Youngsters in Taloyoak were thrilled to be able to use the repaired community swimming pool for the first time in five years on Sept. 4.

photo courtesy of Joseph Quqqiaq
The community swimming pool in Taloyoak reopened Sept. 4 for the first time in five years.

The lineup to get in the door stretched a long way because the facility can only handle 25 people at a time, according to recreation coordinator Joseph Quqqiaq.

“That’s an extra plus for our youth,” he said of restored access to the pool.

Hamlet maintenance staff were finally able to figure out why water had been draining from the four-foot-deep pool. The problem related to a faulty trap not closing properly, Quqqiaq explained.

The swimming pool, which is enclosed within a structure, can probably remain open for a few more weeks before it has to close due to cooler weather, Quqqiaq added.

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