Three months of pre-trades training is taking place in Iglulik. Electrical, carpentry and oil-burner mechanic lessons will be included.

“This is just in case they’re interested in taking an apprenticeship in it,” said senior administrative officer Greg Morash. “(The hamlet) is going to let them work on some of our buildings… maybe we’ve got a few electrical problems and (the instructor) can show them how to replace a breaker and work on our boilers to a certain extent.”

The Kakivak Association is sponsoring the training, which is aimed at young adults. The dozen participants have been equipped with safety gear, said Morash.

Pre-trades training participants in Iglulik. Front row, from left, Paul Kopak, Jeremy Tulugarjuk, Jerry Iyerak, Silas Qulaut and Jimmy Makkik. Back row, from left, Daniel Attagutaluk, Caleb Mucpa, Theophile-James Taqqaugaq, James Qulaut, Allen Kangok, Joseph Akittirq, instructor Keith Finny and economic development officer Merlyn Recinos. photo courtesy of the Hamlet of Igoolik

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