Nunavut MP Mumilaaq Qaqqaq will take a two-week sick leave effective immediately, according to a statement released on April 27.

“I continue to struggle with some personal health problems. Recently, the doctor has suggested some time off to heal,” her statement reads. “Although it has been a hard decision to make, I feel it is important to follow this advice.”

The statement clarified her condition is not COVID-19 related.

The annoucement comes several days after Qaqqaq issued an apology for claiming that Liberal Labrador MP Yvonne Jones is not Inuk on social media.

Jones went on to defend her Inuit heritage in the House of Commons saying she had Inuk and white parents and demanded an apology.

Following backlash from Jones, Qaqqaq posted a public apology on Twitter.

“I want to fully apologize to everyone for my recent comments on Twitter that personally challenged the identity of Yvonne Jones. The way that I commented was aggressive and disrespectful. I apologize for how I handled the situation,” the Nunavut MP wrote.

In her statement released on April 27, Qaqqaq said she has been honoured to represent Inuit and Nunavummiut as the Member of Parliament for Nunavut.

“During my leave, my office will remain open and able to help with your needs. I am deeply grateful for the support and understanding of my family, friends, colleagues, and everyone else. With sincere gratitude, matna. I will see you again soon.”

Qaqqaq also took several weeks off from her job in October and November, also recommended by a doctor, she said.

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  1. It seems to me that every time this lady has some sort of stress come her way she needs to take a leave of absence. First it was a walk through on the deplorable living conditions of social housing in Nunavut and now it’s the stance she took on the other lady’s status and basically calling that woman a liar. She must remember that not all Inuit are Aboriginal. Perhaps she is just a little too young for her job as a MP.. perhaps she should have run in the Nunavut election first to really cut her teeth on what politics entails as it takes a strong stomach to wade through the BS.

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