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Rankin Inlet man charged with kidnapping, assaulting police officer

A Rankin Inlet man is behind bars after being accused of kidnapping his ex-girlfriend and hitting a police officer with his snowmobile.

Police arrested a Rankin Inlet man Sunday after a woman reported being kidnapped.

RCMP responded to a complaint from a Rankin Inlet woman on Sunday morning when she alleged that her ex-boyfriend assaulted her. She said she managed to get him outside her residence and locked the door. The man is accused of getting back inside her home and then forcing the woman to get on a snowmobile. The RCMP say the woman then fled with her child and called the police from a nearby residence.
The police arrived and found the man still on his snowmobile. When an officer approached to arrest him, the man allegedly accelerated his snowmobile, resulting in the rear of the machine swinging and striking the Mountie.
The RCMP later apprehended the man exiting a residence on foot, although police indicated that a "brief struggle" occurred.
No injuries were reported despite the ordeal.
The accused faces charges of kidnapping, assault, flight from police, assault with a weapon on a police officer, resisting arrest, impaired operation of a motor vehicle and several breaches of court orders.
He is in jail until his bail hearing determines his status prior to his court date.