RCMP have arrested a Rankin Inlet man with the dangerous operation of a motor vehicle after he attempted to flee from police twice in one day.

On May 23, officers tried to perform a traffic stop on an all-terrain vehicle they believed was driving in a dangerous manner. The driver was also not wearing a helmet, which is required under hamlet bylaw.

Upon activating their lights and siren the ATV fled “at a high rate of speed and continued driving in a dangerous manner on densely populated streets,” according to an RCMP press release.

The release states that RCMP did not pursue the ATV. A short time later police located the same ATV and driver in another area of town and again the driver fled from police “in a dangerous and careless manner.”

The driver was later identified by RCMP who arrested him without incident at his residence later that night.

In their press release, RCMP warned residents to respect the rules of the road, especially with the warmer weather on its way.

“Rankin Inlet RCMP want to remind the public that unsafe operation of ATVs is taken seriously and those found driving in dangerous manner will be charged accordingly.”

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