Police in Iqaluit are still responding to a disturbance inside a residence in the 4100 block of Imiqtarviminiq Street, which began shortly after 7 a.m. this morning.

Officers have blocked off the road near the Apex Quickstop. The Mounties are advising residents living in the area of 4100 block of Imiqtarviminiq Street to refrain from returning home after work. If residents living in this area need to come or go for an emergency, please call the RCMP at 979-1111 for assistance.

The Nunavut RCMP Critical Incident Team is on the scene.

Schools in the area were informed of the unfolding event, according to the RCMP.

The police have the road blocked off leading to Imiqtarviminiq Street in Iqaluit, near the Apex Quickstop.
Trevor Wright/NNSL photo


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