Another violent altercation took place between the RCMP and a Kinngait resident on Aug. 9, and part of the incident was recorded by a citizen.

The police officers involved were responding to a call about an intoxicated man lying in the road near the beach, shortly after 4 p.m.

The man became agitated and began swearing when the Mounties tried to wake him, according to an RCMP news release issued Wednesday afternoon. The officers were in the process of arresting the man for violating the Nunavut Liquor Act and being intoxicated in public when the man reportedly tried to hide his arms under his body and allegedly twisted the hand of one of the officers. The officer then used knee strikes to the man’s side to stop him from resisting and release his grip on the Mountie’s hand, according to the RCMP. The arrest was then completed.

The police say neither the man nor the officers sustained any injuries.

The man was later released from a jail cell when sober. He was released without any charges.

A June 1 violent arrest in Kinngait, also caught on video, resulted in one police officer being removed from the community.


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  1. whats with this town getting cops that beat on people, funny how they say no injuries when you can clearly see the guy will have head injuries

  2. instead of recording next time help the guy or girl, y’all need to fkn grow up and help one another instead of waiting for cops to get involved. Simple minded people wait for action to bring down a good cop doing what he’s trained to do. Every inuk should help instead of fkn recording the presence of policemen/woman. Wake up nunavut! 21st century!! Be there to avoid the next cop do what he’s trained to do!!

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