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RCMP investigate theft from Cape Dorset high school; intruders use drill to try to access safe

The RCMP are seeking suspects in a Jan. 2 theft from Peter Pitseolak High School in Cape Dorset that resulted in goods being stolen and some damage to the facility.

Intruders attempted to break into this safe in the principal's office with a hand drill.
photo courtesy of the Department of Education

"Extensive" video footage showing the culprits has been turned over to the police to assist them in identifying those responsible for the crime, stated Kathy Pelletier, school principal.

Among the items taken from the building were food from the school canteen and breakfast program; a computer keyboard; a hand drill and bits; kitchen utensils including chef's knives, which were locked up in drawers; baseball caps; and shoes. Some drywall, windows and window trim were damaged.

As well, the intruders used a hand drill to try to open a safe located in the principal's office. They were unsuccessful.

The culprits initially gained entry to the school through a door that had accidentally been left open, according to a communications specialist with the Department of Community and Government Services.

"Procedures are being reviewed on how best to address the re-occurrence of a similar incident," Pelletier stated.

The $34-million Peter Pitseolak High School opened in September 2018 as a replacement for the original high school of the same name, which was destroyed by fire in 2015.

A window from an office door was removed from the frame as intruders broke into administration offices without smashing the window.
photo courtesy of the Department of Education