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RCMP save Cambridge Bay child trapped in crevasse

RCMP officers came to the rescue of a child who was stuck approximately 3.5 metres below the surface of the snow during a daycare outing near Cambridge Bay earlier this week.

An off-duty police officer accompanied the children on the May 7 trip when people noticed one of them was missing. The officer called for assistance and the child was found several minutes later in a crevasse, out of reach. Three more RCMP officers soon arrived and two of them entered the crevasse head first and were able to rescue the young boy that afternoon.

The child was taken to the health centre and, although cold, was unhurt.

The outing took place on the West Arm, about seven kilometres outside of Cambridge Bay.

The RCMP remind everyone of nature's unpredictability and to be vigilant when playing outside. It’s a good practice to bring a friend and to always have a way to call for help.