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Ribbon-cutting ceremony held at new Kugaaruk school

Sidone Nirlungayuk did the honours with her sharp ulu as a ribbon-cutting ceremony was held Oct. 8 at Arviligruaq Ilinniarvik, Kugaaruk's new school.

photos courtesy of the Department of Education

During an afternoon assembly, teachers who have been in the community over the past two years were presented with certificates of recognition. They guided students through their lessons in temporary spaces around the community since the demise of Kugaardjuk School in a February 2017 fire.

Close to 400 students and local residents came out for the ceremony and feast at Arviligruaq Ilinniarvik on Oct. 8.

Arviligruaq Ilinniarvik was built with non-flammable material and does not include a crawl space.

Stones from the previous school's entrance, the only salvaged items from the rubble, have been incorporated into an archway in the new educational facility.

“This new school will further provide opportunities for the people of Kugaaruk to come together and share knowledge, culture, and values that will enrich the entire community," said Education Minister David Joanasie. "Just as a bowhead whale is delicious and nutritious, Arviligruaq Ilinniarvik will be as enriching for students, staff and the community."

Education Minister David Joanasie poses with a group of Nunavut Teacher Education Program students in their final year of studies.
Every classroom has an interactive projector or Smart Board technology.
A lounge on the second floor will be a place where students can relax.
A large daycare features washrooms, kitchen, play room and nap room with a large light fixture of a starry night overhead.