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Rodeo time in Chesterfield Inlet

Hordes of local kids came out to take part in the largest bike rodeo in recent memory in Chesterfield Inlet on Aug. 17.

The event was sponsored by the Chesterfield Inlet detachment of the RCMP.

A group of kids prepare to bust it out in one of four races held during a large bike rodeo sponsored by the Chesterfield Inlet detachment of the RCMP in Chester on Aug. 17. photos courtesy Cpl. Craig Lowe

Cpl. Craig Lowe said the Chester detachment tries to hold the bike rodeo on an annual basis.

He said the turnout for this year's event was phenomenal for Chester, with around 60 kids coming out to participate in the event.

"One of the health-care workers who was giving us a hand with running the event said it was one of the biggest turnouts she's ever seen," said Lowe.

"Those kids who had bikes brought them but a lot of the children didn't have their own bikes, so we had a little obstacle course set-up for them to run around and get a little candy afterward," said Lowe.

"We had four races in total, with two running races between the male and female kids, and two bike races also between the males and females.

"We had a $50 gift certificate for each winner donated to the bike rodeo by the Northern store."

Lowe said RCMP officers talked to the kids a little bit about road safety and bike safety during the rodeo.

He said they covered things like always wearing their helmets when riding their bikes, and always looking both ways before crossing a street and when dealing with traffic.

RCMP Cpl. Craig Lowe, back, poses for a photo with volunteer organizers, event winners and participants during a large bike rodeo sponsored by the RCMP in Chesterfield Inlet on Aug. 17.

"We also made a point to remind the kids that just because you don't own a bike yourself, that doesn't mean you shouldn't practice good safety habits or help to watch out for other people.

"The kids had a real blast during the rodeo.

"It was held right after school around supper time and we had hotdogs for them all, so they really enjoyed themselves.

"Most of the kids actually had two hotdogs, so it was also nice to send them home with a full stomach at the end of it all."

Lowe said while it's very important for youth to see the community-involved side of the officers, they all ready have a great relationship with the Chester community in his opinion.

He said he's never really had any issues with the folks in the community during his two years in Chester.

"We're always out talking with people and doing stuff in the community.

"The bike rodeo is just another example of how much we really enjoy the community and the people of the community seem to enjoy us, which is just the way we like it.

"The kids are pretty outgoing when it comes to interacting with us during events such as this.

"In my two years in Chesterfield Inlet there's just no comparison between the amount of good things and bad things that have happened here. It's been almost entirely all good."