The Department of Health is advising Nunavummiut that the second wave of Covid-19 in southern jurisdictions is making travel “unpredictable” and reminding residents that travel outside of the territory is not recommended, including during the upcoming holiday season.

Although three presumptive cases of Covid-19 were detected in the Northwest Territories on Friday, travel there is not restricted. However, this could change without notice if transmission of the coronavirus is confirmed, the GN warned.

Also, entry into isolation sites in Edmonton, Winnipeg and Ottawa could be delayed if there are no rooms available. Medical travellers are given priority.

Travellers are also reminded that an authorization letter from the Office of the Chief Public Health Officer is required to return to Nunavut after leaving the territory. Those without a letter will not be permitted to board an aircraft. Two to three days notice is standard to have a letter processed.

As of Oct. 17, there were 436 medical travellers and 291 members of the public in isolation.


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  1. “unpredictable”
    Wouldn’t be in the GN stuck to their guns when it comes to travelling back to Nunavut, and having to isolate. I know someone who just flew back. 120 people on the plane and only 38 where in isolation. The rest just showed up at the airport on got on the plane. Further to this, while on the planes, people who did isolate where not separated from the the non-isolation folks, they were all mixed together. This makes the 2 week isolation a complete waste of time and money.

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