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Seeking donations to repair church

The Anglican church in Gjoa Haven is in need of further repair and Leroy Nakoolak is trying to raise $5,000 for the cause.

Gjoa Haven's Anglican church has a hole in the roof and needs flooring and more drywall. Volunteer Leroy Nakoolak is trying to raise money to further renovate the 1960s building. photo courtesy of Leroy Nakoolak

Nakoolak and several other parishoners combined periodic efforts over four months to install new drywall. However, the work is isn't done. More drywall is required, a hole in the roof has to be fixed and new flooring is needed, said Nakoolak.

"We are not contractors but some of us had experience with drywalling and we had worked in some cabins... and there was also ladies cleaning in the church," he said of the volunteer corps.

The church, built in the mid-1960s, has a regular congregation of close to 30 people who attend weekly services, either on Wednesday evenings or Sunday mornings or evenings, he said.

Nakoolak has posted on social media asking for help, including from Yellowknife residents since he'll be making a trip there later this month and will be able to pick up donated items.

This photo was taken during the early stages of drywall replacement inside Gjoa Haven's Anglican church. Several volunteers from the community have been making repairs but they need donations, including money, to complete the task. photo courtesy of Leroy Nakoolak