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Several illegal card games busted in Kugluktuk

Over the past week four illegal card games were broken up in Kugluktuk by local bylaw officers, three of them taking place on Saturday.

The games were taking place despite constant warnings from the hamlet.

Bylaw officers in Kugluktuk issued warnings to participants in recent card games that are temporarily banished due to gatherings being a high-risk behaviour during the Covid-19 pandemic.
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“Myself and Mayor David Nivingalok advised the community three weeks ago via local radio and advised the community that card games, public gatherings in homes, etc. are prohibitive, which is a recorded message and plays six times a day,” said hamlet senior administrative officer Ron Ladd.

Bylaw officers Bob Appatok and Tim St. Croix, after receiving phone calls from concerned citizens, broke up three separate card games on April 18. The first card game broken up that week took place on the evening of April 16.

“We entered one dwelling but there was no one to be seen except for all the many shoes in the porch,” St. Croix said. “We went outside, they thought we left and card game was again set up. It was apparent that everyone was hiding in the bedrooms. About 30 to 40 people were involved in each of the card games that we stopped.”

Debra Kotulak, manager with the housing authority, said, “Local housing authorities were sent a letter by (Housing) Minister (Patterk) Netser to share and disperse among the community members in regards to gambling and public gatherings.

“According to section 46 of the Tenant Relations agreement, there should be no illegal activities or gambling in the premises.”

“We need to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe and it seems people are not getting the social or physical distancing. My family in the south are totally self-distancing because we want everyone healthy and safe from the virus,” she said.

Everyone involved has been given a warning about gatherings and gambling and that a second infraction it will result in fines and or eviction. The hamlet is urging residents to follow the rules and the need to keep the community safe from Covid-19.