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Should Nunavut RCMP wear body cameras? MLA David Qamaniq says yes

Nunavut's police officers should be equipped with body cameras and their vehicles should have video cameras mounted in them, Tununiq MLA David Qamaniq said in the legislative assembly on Thursday.

Tununiq MLA David Qamaniq wants RCMP body camera pilot projects in each Nunavut region.
photo courtesy Elections Nunavut

“I have seen in the media on a video that was taken here in Iqaluit a person being held was being abused,” Qamaniq said. “There are good apples and bad apples. We are human beings of different backgrounds.”

Justice Minister Jeannie Ehaloak said her department has researched the possibility of acquiring cameras for RCMP but it's uncertain whether the devices would continue to function during Nunavut's harsh winter.

Qamaniq suggested running pilot programs in each of the regions to see how the cameras hold up in the cold.

Ehaloak said the Department of Justice will look into it further.