High school students learned how to animate what goes on in outer space while junior high students got lessons in thermal energy at a science workshop held in Gjoa Haven Feb. 20 and 21. A couple of instructors with Actua – a non-profit organization consisting of a network of colleges and universities promoting science across Canada – came from Ontario to facilitate the learning. They also spent some time with elementary students at Quqshuun Ilihakvik.

From left, Michael Mariq, Joseph Gee and Cody Kogvik navigate a 3D-printed satellite through space, past dangerous asteroids, to get to their destination. The students also made a “Canadarm” – a robotic extension from the space shuttle – with two Dixie cups, three pieces of string and tape. photo courtesy of Kim Rowley

From left, Qiqirtaq Ilihakvik students Chad Eetoolook, Ethan Akoak, Boaz Ikkutisluk, Earl Akoak and Louis Kaloon use a computer to move a Land Rover over the terrain on Mars. They also tried their hand at coding.
photo courtesy of Kim Rowley

Melaina Qingnaqtuq and Alia Aglukkaq do some computer programming to execute a simulation during an Actua science workshop at Qiqirtaq Ilihakvik in Gjoa Haven, Feb. 20-21.
photo courtesy of Mary Ellen Cain


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