It’s getting to that time of year in the North where arenas will be full of games and the officials that oversee them.

Hockey North is getting the officials ready by hosting a certification/recertification course in Iqaluit on Oct. 13 at the Ilinniapaa Skills Development Centre. The course is open to officials looking to break into refereeing or to brush up on their skills for the upcoming season.

Jared Ottenhof, Hockey Nunavut’s referee-in-chief, said anyone is welcome to attend the course and it will go over all of Hockey Canada’s technical changes for this season along with rule changes.

David McAdams of Iqaluit will be the instructor and you can contact him to sign up or to get more details.


Hockey season approaches


The Iqaluit Hockey League is getting ready for its new season and there will be six teams playing in the loop.

The RCMP Bisons have joined the league after making the jump up from the recreational league. They will join the established teams of Canadrill, DJ’s, QC, the Legion and RL Hanson.

The league’s annual general meeting is scheduled to happen on Oct. 6 beginning at 3 p.m. in the Arctic Winter Games Arena lobby. The league’s executive will be elected and other items of league interest will be discussed.

Player registration deadline is Oct. 5 with the first games of the new season set to start on Oct. 14.


Shuffle up and deal


It was a night of Texas Hold ‘Em poker at Inuksuk High School on Sept. 30.

The school’s U18 girls soccer team hosted the tournament, which was open to up to 30 players who wanted to pay the entry fee of $100. Players who were eliminated within the first two hours of play were able to buy back into the tournament provided they paid another $100.

The top six players who made the final table shared in the winnings.

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