Qiniq internet customers and SSi Micro cellphone customers are being asked to conserve “precious network capacity” during the COVID-19 pandemic by limiting data, whenever possible.

Qiniq and SSi Micro aren’t in a position to provide customers with more data usage, the companies explained in a news release on Wednesday.
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That would mean, for example, not sending large files and not streaming video during daytime and early evening hours, Qiniq and SSi suggested in a news release on Wednesday.

While Northwestel has asked the CRTC to approve the doubling of data caps, Qiniq and SSi Micro don’t enjoy the same level of satellite access that Northwestel has.

If Qiniq and SSi Micro were to increase customers’ data usage, it “will only serve to increase traffic congestion, slow down current connectivity and frustrate all users,” the news release reads. “We remain committed to ensuring that our network continues to perform for all customers, regardless of where they live or what their economic circumstances are.”


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  1. this is super (ridiculous) like everybody that’s stuck at home wont be internetting while forced to be home, if anything qiniq should increase the download cap, speed and waive the cut off dates for awhile to keep us inside at home if they want to do anything about it

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