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Students share stories during Author's Chair

Jimmy Hikok Ilihakvik teacher Karen Smith holds the microphone and flashes a smile as Kugluktuk Grade 1 student Miley Nivingalok tells her story about how to catch a gingerbread man.
photo courtesy of Naomi Tremblay

Students at Jimmy Hikok Ilihakvik in Kugluktuk are encouraged to write stories to present to their peers in the classroom.

One student in each class is then chosen to read his or her tale aloud to the entire school as well as guests from the community during an annual assembly known as Author's Chair.

This year's event was held on Nov. 29 with students from kindergarten through Grade 12 participating.

Two of the students read in Inuinnaqtun, according to teacher Naomi Tremblay.

Each of the readers received a gift card for their efforts.