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Support program offers life-changing guidance

We note that as each calendar year comes to a close there are some changes and expectations that comes with this.

In the Northwest Territories several people have put their names forward in hopes of being elected to their legislative assembly as representatives of their people. There is also the federal election that has caught our eye as well and hopefully the new leader will live up to a leadership with integrity and inclusiveness.

We in Nunavut are aware of these events but our main focus is ensuring our people are given every opportunity in maintaining their livelihood, housing, employment and medical care. We also want our people to know and understand that programs and services in all the social realms are available and accessible. For those who are in positions of authority and facilitators must keep in mind their respect for others, relationships and caring for people. The fact that you were recognized for your skills, awareness and willingness places a huge responsibility on your shoulders and there is an expectancy that you will carry out your duties maturely and timely.

My community of Cambridge Bay has stood up and announced loudly and clearly that we are willing to provide guidance in finding ways in regaining control through positive options in living a good lifestyle. The 28-day program held at the retreat several kilometers outside the community is active and is looking forward to providing another four intake cycle beginning in October and will carry on into the spring of 2020 and beyond. There is a group of dedicated individuals who will facilitate the program with support groups engaged in this life-changing session. Those who sign up have made up their minds to make a change while the facilitators give solid foundation in adopting positive changes in attitude and effort.

In many of my submissions I have mentioned how everything is relative and that where there is an action there is a reaction. As we move forward in hopes of stability, growth and engagement we need to know and understand that we need to be balanced. This feeling of being balanced shows that our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual domains are connected and function in unison.